3 Monkeys Smoke & Vape Shops offer  consumers the opportunity to purchase tobacco products and accessories  at very low prices. The business model is the culmination of 20 combined  years of retail management and ownership. By offering a wide range of  products that appeal to various age groups, the business sets itself  apart from convenience stores and other retail smoke shops.   3 Monkeys Smoke & Vape Shop is unique in that it is quite  literally, a one stop smoke & Vape shop. Most everything and anything that a  smoker may need need can be found at 3 Monkeys Smoke & Vape Shop. This includes  a large selection of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, glass, vaporizers,  hookahs, and electronic cigarettes. For this reason it has seen  tremendous success. The 3 Monkeys Smoke & Vape Shop model has a specific focus  on quality brands and the kind of merchandise that provides the client  with a distinctive shopping experience, enabling the business to enjoy a  higher profit per unit and a very healthy revenue. The company's goal  is to make 3 Monkeys Smoke & Vape Shop the most recognizable brand in the  discount tobacco and accessories business segment.